• The vision that developed in the creation of a National Youth Convention (NYC) for the Mount Sinai Holy Church of America was born through the desires of Presiding Bishop Mary E. Jackson.  Bishop Jackson, a visionary of her time, saw the need to develop and mentor the youth of the organization through giving them leadership responsibility while providing mentorship by the organization’s senior officials. In 1952, Bishop Jackson appointed the late Bishop William Pugh and Bishop Amy B. Stevens (both who at that time were ordained elders) to serve as President and Vice President of the first NYC.  The convention was held July 23rd-26th at the Highway Mission in Berwyn, Pennsylvania where Elder Lillian Jackson was Pastor.


  • At the end of the convention, Elder Pugh was elected by the general body as President and Sister Josephine Ewing, Vice President for the next two years (1954-1955) making them the first two elected officials of the NYC.


  • In 1958, at the age of 21 Minister Sylvester L. Webb, Sr became the youngest ever elected president of the NYC. The convention was held at Holy Mount Zion Church in Boston, Massachusetts.


  • The NYC would continue to be held in “Host” churches throughout the eastern seaboard until 1968.  Due to growth of participation in the NYC, leadership looked for a larger venue to host the event.  William Henry Middle School in Dover, Delaware was held the destination of being the first non-church to host the convention.  Elder Thomas J. Martin, Jr served as president.


  • In 1972, Minister Elaine Harris became the first female elected as president of the NYC.  1973 was another significant year for the NYC, for the first time in its history, the convention was held in a Hotel. The Washington Hilton Hotel, served as the host of that convention.  This was a significant change in the hosting venues for the NYC.  From 1973 until present, the NYC would be hosted in hotels and no longer churches or schools.


  • During the Presidency of Evangelist Evelyn Williams the NYC moved for the first time to the West Cost.  In 1978, the West Coast District hosted the NYC at the Bonaventure Hotel. This was an exciting year for the NYC and it was well attended. Seeing the need to become better organized in preparation for the NYC, then NYC president Elmira Webb organized the first “Leadership Conference” was held at the beginning of 1982 in Columbus, Ohio. This is a tradition that continues until today.


  • 1984 would be the first and only time in the NYC’s history that the NYC would be held in the state of Texas.  The Hyatt Regency hotel in Houston, Texas would house the convention.  Elder Harry Bellinger, served as president.


  • In 2002, The NYC celebrated its 50th anniversary under the leadership of  Evangelist Syeda L. Woods.  During the 50th Anniversary celebration the last Miss Mount Sinai was crowned. President Syeda Woods presented former presidents with gifts and plaques for their service.


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